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              Ken Solomon  
Lake Merritt. Grand Lakes Theater Area . Oakland, CA                                                                         94610      

"Experience the Energy ,,,
                                               of Healing Hands"

The energy from Swedish massage and deep tissue body work is very uplifting, invigorating, soothing, penetrating and healing. 

I specialize in Swedish massage and work with Deep Tissue and Sports massage techniques; to relieve, open up, and re-energize those areas of weakness in your body due to injury or over use (repetitive movement injuries) and issues of limited "range of motion" (ROM).

Over the last 15 years, working as a massage therapist and seeking out help and therapy with my own body issues, I realized the damage I had done to my own body from 30 years of running, biking, skating, swimming and weight training without the correct and necessary accompanying stretches before or after work outs.  I have come to realize and understand how important the "CORE" of our body is and everything attached to it:
 "The Lower Back" which carries the torso, "The Abdominal Muscles" which stablize and girdle the core with the lower back  allowing controlled movement and finally "The Hip Joints" which keep us standing and moving.
When you add "The Rotator Cuff " of the shoulder joint and "The Neck Muscles" that are constantly being overused, stressed and abused just holding up our heavy heads ... controlling each turn and nod, you understand why so many people live with a certain amount of discomfort and chronic pain or take drugs.  They live ... denying that these issues can be helped and rectified. 

So, that brings us to why people come to this website ... 
            Looking For Help !!
                               ... And Getting Relief !!


Certified and trained at the San Francisco School of Massage with over 15 years experience in San Francisco and Vancouver, BC.   I am located in the East Bay (Oakland -Grand Ave) and available for IN Calls and OUT Calls with a table. 

I understand what your body needs. Special rates for people needing regular work for recovery and maintaining body harmony. 

Fee:  $75.00 per hr ... $100 for 90 min ...IN Call *
         OUT Call an additional $25 (within 10-12 miles)

* DISCOUNTS available (seniors, students and clients with set reg. appts.)

Appointments: 7 days/week --- 10 am - 9 pm

To make an appointment or for more information: 



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